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Tech Team


We are a community of growing disciples who come together to use our gifts to provide multimedia support so that all may experience a full, worshipful time in the Lord.

Volunteers are always welcome to train to help with the Tech Team. We train with an apprenticeship-type approach: we encourage you to watch the position, then practice with help, and then we give you full ownership of your position once you and your trainer feel you are ready for the responsibility. 


All volunteer positions are currently needed to help keep a good rotation schedule, and training is provided: sound, camera, lyrics computer & livestream video monitoring.

We offer a weekly email on Tuesdays called the "Tech Team 10 Minute Email" that includes a short scripture, prayer, church media instruction, and cool tech tip; open to all interested, not just volunteers!


Contact our Communications Coordinator, Dorothy Hecimovich, at to join the Tech Team 10 Minute email list and/or to volunteer to help with Sunday media.

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