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About Us

We are First Methodist Church of Marble Falls

We love God. We love others. We make disciples.

We Love God

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." - Matthew 22:37

We Love Others

"Love your neighbor as yourself." - Matthew 22:39

We Make Disciples

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." - Matthew 28:19-20

Committee Chairs 2022


Chair to be Determined

Committee Chairs MaryAnn.png
Committee Chairs Russ Kyler.png
Committee Chairs Gregg.png

Staff-Parish Relations



Mary Ann Gardner

Russ Kyler

Gregg Blake

Committee Chairs Sallypsd.png
Committee Chairs Marsha.png

Adult Education

Children's Council


Sally Best

Marsha Neel

Janet Webb

Committee Chairs Suzy.png
Committee Chairs Melody.png
Committee Chairs Rich.png



Congregational Care

Suzanna Kitchens

Melody Pauling

Rich Robertson

Committee Chairs Bill.png
Committee Chairs Russel & Tammie.png
Committee Chairs Allen.png

Preschool Board

Safety & Security Team

Youth Council

Bill Rives

Russell & Tammie Sander

Allen Young


2023 Nominations Committee Report

Administrative Council

Chairperson: Gregg Blake

Lay Leader:  Mike Fletcher                       

All committee chairpersons

Secretary: Marsha Neel

Treasurer: Carolyn Furrh

Associate Lay Leader: Keith Russell

Lay delegates to annual conference: Mike Fletcher, Mary Ann Fletcher, Judy Gibbs, Mary Ann Gardner, Dave McGaugh (alt.)

Administrative Committees

Staff-Parish Relations


Kevin Murphy (Chair)

Dan Brady

Mike McKeown

Ellen Ely – Staff Liaison


Gail Teegarden

Donna Dean

Liz Parks

Max Lantz


Penny Crow

Bill McCartney

Judy Gibbs



Mary Ann Fletcher

Yvonne Kyler
Greg Parks

Pat Crawford – Staff Liaison


Jerry Watkins (Chair)

Steve Gardner

Gregg Blake


Lucretia Lehrmann

Hilary Arnaud

Jack Ragsdill

Bobby Crow



Russ Kyler (chair)

Carolyn Furrh (treasurer)

Kyle Stripling

Pat Crawford – Staff Liaison


Greg Mills

Jeff Bingham

Joe Theis

Luan Watkins


Holly Smith

James Lehrmann

Ministry and Program Committees


Tim McMurray (chair), Bill Rives, Ken Blake, Paul Giraudin, Les Fenter & Gregg Blake (Ellen Ely, staff liaison)

Adult Education

Sally Best, Sylvia Weed, Allen Laughlin, David Duvall (Janiece Collier, staff liaison)

Children's Ministry

Hilary Arnaud (chair), Marsha Neel, Betsy Talbert, Luciana McKeown, Toni Weber, Erin Smith, Rebecca Jeffcoat, Stephanie Dobbs, Sylvia Weed, Sally Burget, (Stephanie DeVault, Staff Liaison)


Janet Webb (chair), Robert Webb, John White, Sue White, Glenn Slay, Bev Slay, Barbara Bluhm, Marti Pogue, Michelle Noble, Lisa Giles, Barb Robertson, Kathy Geurink, Carrie Rice, Gina Laughlin, Lavon Webb, Vickie Reilly, Judy Gibbs, Betty Goolsby, Eileen Murphy, Mary Wurster, Kathy Savage, (Cody Logan, Staff Liaison)


Suzy Kitchens (chair), Kristi Engel, Elizabeth Schnelle, Vickie McMurray, Russ Cochran, Jose Hernandez, Melody Pauling, Ray Pauling, Mary Sullivan, Luciana McKeown (lead usher), Bill Johns, Erin Smith, Elaine Murphy (Greg Gathright, staff liaison)


Melody Pauling (chair), Mary Ann Gardner, Jeanette Pickard, Bill Pickard, Pat Hatch, Steve Gardner, Sally Bates, Lisa Giles, Penny Mills, Gay Cochran, Mary Sullivan, Marsha Neel, Michelle Noble, Dave McGaugh, Ray Pauling, Barbara Wild, Bill Johns, Doug Golding, Connie Bruns, Suzy Lehr, Jerry Watkins, Luan Watkins (Janiece Collier, staff liaison)

Congregational Care

Rich Robertson (chair), Wendy Bingham, Caroline Ragsdill, Mary Sullivan, Betty Goolsby, Harry Melton, Luan Watkins, Julie Brown, Diane McGonagill, Tommy McGonagill, Bobby Crow, Joan Gardner, Historian: Elizabeth Schnelle, (Cody Logan, staff liaison)

Bluebonnet Methodist Preschool Board

Bill Rives (chair), Keith Russell, Stephanie DeVault, Charles Nutter, Penny Crow, Donna Dean, Laura Cox (Parent Rep), Terri Powell (director)

Safety & Security

Tammie Sander (chair) Allen Mynk, Don Dudley, Bill Johns, Nathan Fuller, Wade Hibler, Mark Webb, Mike Kelly, Barbara Bluhm, Shannon Cross, Austin Fletcher, Bill Pickard, Paul Graeber (Ellen Ely, Staff Liaison)

Youth Ministries

Lisa Hambrick, Mike Fletcher, Aaron Hamblin, Jen Hamblin, Sally Best, Shawn Best (Allen Young, Staff Liaison)

Strategic Long-Term Planning Team

Gregg Blake (chair), Mary Ann Fletcher, Jeanette Pickard, Bob White, Bill Rives, Jerry Watkins, Jeff Koska, Penny Crow (Ellen Ely, Staff Liaison)


Bill Pickard
Nancy Campbell


Jeanette Pickard

Barb Sohl


Mike Fletcher

Mary Ann Fletcher

Mission Partners

Our Missionaries & Outreach Partners


Ray & Lidia Zirkel

Costa Rica | Hogar Metodista Children's Home
Seriously Good Coffee


George & Ginny Olson

Philippines | unreached people groups
Reach The Tribes

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