Sunday Classes

Sunday Classes for all ages start at 10:00 AM 

Adult Sunday School Classes 


Cross Training

Contact: Janiece Collier at (830) 693-4341.

Seekers Bible Study Class

Studying: Bible Study starting with the Old Testament prophets
Contact: Janiece Collier at (830) 693-4341.

Christian Living

Room: 401
Studying: Studying the book of Jeremiah led by Nancy Webb
Contact: Jeanette Pickard at 830-693-9815.


​Bible 101 Class

Room: 402
Studying Christian Topics

Contact: Jim Giles at (979) 777-1948


Up The Hill Class (Younger Adults)

Room: 103 (Conference Room)

For those who consider themselves not yet "over the hill," 20-40ish younger adults.


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