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We desperately want to stay faithful in these times, but we know we can’t muster up the faith all on our own. IF:2023 matters to us, because for two days we get to gather and remind each other that God is who we need. God is who will provide.

We gather for two days of worship, with our Bibles, and we ask God to move. In life we are given opportunities to risk for the good of people and the glory of God, and this is one of those moments. This is one of those things.

Join us for a livestream viewing of IF:2023. And let’s watch God move.

IF:FUMC Marble Falls

March 24, 2022 | 6:00PM - 9:30PM

March 55, 2022 | 9:00AM - 4:00PM

IF:2023 is a two-day event where women all over the world gather together, get equipped, and discover the next steps in their calling to go and make disciples.


FUMC Marble Falls will host the live-stream in the Youth area in Kids' Corner, on Friday and Saturday, March 24-25. Registration is $30 and includes a welcome packet with a notebook and pen as well as a Saturday lunch and snacks. Childcare will be available. Contact with any questions.


6:00pm - 9:30pm CT


9:00am - 4:00pm CT

Breakout Session: Hosanna Wong, speaker

How (Not) To Save the World: Revealing God's Love to the People Right Next to You

Sharing your faith with friends and family can often feel scary, intimidating, and super awkward. It turns out, you can naturally share God’s love in your everyday life. Hosanna Wong helps us embrace our own story as a way to naturally share our faith, discover effective ways to fight for loved ones who are in a tough place, and show others how valuable they are to God.

A more detailed schedule will be released soon!

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