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Attendance Sunday, January 22, 2023

Overall Total: 385

8:45 AM In-Person 81, Online 30, Total 111

11:15 AM In-Person 222, Online 52, Total 274

Financial Giving

Financial Giving Monday, January 23, 2023

Ways to give & giving opportunities at

 $14,820.81   Received

 $19,200.00   Needed Weekly

 $63,144.95   YTD Received

 $71,129.27   YTD Spent

   $1,332.62   Other Gifts

Other Gifts

Donations on the altar each week go to our Helping Fund to provide for needs of those who come to the church looking for aid. Other gifts also includes additional outreach funds and specified giving.

Helping Fund

Community assistance fund that helps with motels, rent/house payments, electricity, water, gas utilities, doctor visits, medication, clothing, and auto gas cards.

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