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Introducing Pastor Grady Roe

Preaching this Sunday at Marble Falls UMC is Rev. Grady Roe, a third generation Methodist preacher who has been a pastor for 51 years. Roe recently came onto our staff on a limited, part-time basis and will continue to have the fun of serving as what he likes to call "Senior Pastor" at Walnut UMC at Round Mountain--his 20th year of ministry there.

In addition to his grandfather and his father, both of his brothers were Methodist pastors. Roe has been through 12 building projects, on more than 60 Emmaus teams, and boasts that he has "played miniature golf in six different countries." On Sunday, he will lead off a three part series our church pastoral staff is doing on "The Apostles' Creed."

The picture below is of Grady and one of his four grandsons at Grandparent's Day at a Leander School on Friday. (Grady is the one on the right).



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