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What to Expect

The FMC Community gathers together each Sunday at 8:45 AM & 11:15 AM in our Sanctuary at 1101 Bluebonnet Dr, Marble Falls, TX 78654. (Across from the Middle School and HEB)

We invite you to join us and want to answer any questions you may have before you show up.


Please feel free to call us at (830) 693-4341 or email if you need an answer you don't see here.

What should I expect to happen when I arrive?

Greeters at our circle drive and front walkway are glad to shake your hand and invite you in.

Additional friendly faces are just inside the front doors, located after the large planter, to help you find the bathrooms, children's ministry, where to sit, or even donuts and coffee down the hall.

Our community wears name tags to make it a little less awkward to meet so many new people. We encourage you to visit our Welcome Desk to get one as well.


We want to get to know you and make sure you feel welcome. The Welcome Desk is also a great place to ask any questions you may have and we have a small gift to thank you for taking the time to come be with us.

Where do I park?

Our parking area is off of Bluebonnet Drive, the road that goes in front of HEB and the Middle School.


Our main entrance is marked by a black granite sign at the intersection where you would turn to go to the front of the Middle School.


Straight through that entrance, we have dedicated Visitor Parking right up front for you.

The lot to the left as you enter has a large parking area for our attendees with mobility needs and is on level ground for easier access to the building.

What are your worship services like?

Our services include singing, scripture, and listening to a lesson from a pastor or leader.


Our earlier 8:45 AM service includes music played by a band consisting of guitars, piano, and sometimes drums. This service is a little more "informal" and has less "stand ups/sit downs". This service almost always celebrates Communion, which is open to all.

Our later 11:15 AM service has music sung by a choir, played on the piano, and sometimes an organ. This service includes more "traditional" church elements like reading prayers together and the pastors wear robes. This service celebrates communion on the first Sunday of each month. Everyone is invited to the communion table.

What is your typical attire?

You will see people dressed up in suits and fancy dresses, but more often it's a nice pair of jeans and a polo or blouse. Our youth pastor is never caught without his sandals, but you'll also see pastor's wearing robes and traditional crosses. We encourage guys to take their hats off as a sign of respect for the worship service, but there are some lovely "church-lady" hats on special occasions.

Is childcare available?

We have nursery care for infants through four year olds during each of our worship services.

From 10:00 - 11:00 AM we offer Children's Sunday School for four years through 5th grade. We also have Youth Sunday School during that time for 6th - 12th grades.

In each service we have a Children's Message, where kids are invited to go to the front for a short object lesson based on the day's scripture.

*As our services are streamed online, please be aware that kids that go forward will be broadcasted publicly online.

Afterwards, kids can go back to sit with their families, or they can go to Kids' Church with our volunteer guides for snacks, recreation, prayer, music, and an additional short lesson.

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