We are a gathering of believers in Jesus Christ ignited by the Holy Spirit to be ministers and missionaries. Individually, we are candles. Together, God is transforming us into a torch that enlightens the world to

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From Pastor Clay's Heart ...



     If you are my age or have children/grandchildren my age, you may be aware of one of my favorite toys growing up, Nerf Guns. Nerf guns are plastic toy guns that shoot a form of very soft ammunition. There were not too many styles because they were new, but now on a trip to Walmart, you will see as many Nerf guns as you see Barbie dolls! They were also not very good. Our youth director has shown me some of his, and they have changed! Different ammunition types, battery-powered, and they shoot much further!  


     In fact, in my teenage years, I tried to improve my Nerf guns. Like today, a trip to the home depot is a great weekend. The way to improve the old Nerf gun was to get a better spring! Home Depot had good springs. A good spring could double the distance and triple the speed. With an upgraded toy, you didn't have to lick the bullet to stick it to an oak pollen-covered car window.  


     Springs are fantastic inventions. They hold so much power but also are not that useful unless something is applying force. One afternoon, I was doing the dishes, minding my own business and the garage door spring broke. I thought it was an earthquake. I also learned how heavy a double garage door is to open without a spring compared to one. 


     As we explore our topics on Sunday, I may encourage observation of our graphic. A human silhouette is jumping high from a spring.  Each pastor will be working on something to Spring 'into'. Last week we spoke about generosity, it's not because generosity is absent, but maybe with God's help, we can be more generous. I believe each week; this will be the same for us pastors. Spring is an invitation to improve something already being done. You jump higher with a springed trampoline than you do without one.  


     I hope this spring season, we all can spring together into being better representations of Jesus Christ to our community.  

Blessings, Clay